couldn’t even fucking unite us, what the fuck am I gonna do?
I’m adopted 

Have no cluenwhomormwhat 

Have no





I came



And so 

There’s that

mad men


Game of thrones

HillRy or DT would be fools not to consult me

I’ve got absolutely nothing to lose


I have one more person left in this world

And if I gotta sacrifice I gotta sacrifice 

So if you believe there even is a future 

Tell your candidates to contact me first. I know what their ad needs to say.

Published by katherinewalker

Director, Writer, Producer Nominated for two primetime Emmy's for the Apprentice Emmy award winning episode The Amazing Race Columnist, Editor, Grantwriter UVa-B.A. English/History VFS-Certificate Film Conflict Resolution Mediator Facilitator, State of Hawaii, DOJ Published poet, filmmaker, photographer, music aficionado. Canoe paddler, horse wrangler, gem dealer, fixer, The Wolf. Katherine Walker EP-Show Runner, Director katherineelizabethwalker LinkedIn Los Angeles, CA Schedule a time

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