The Monday Morning Confessional

I thought that might be a good name for an early morning radio show, across the country, call me and tell me about your weekend, I tend to sleep on weekends and get up at 5:45 a.m. every Monday — force of habit. Country girl, has chores to do, always.

The idea started as this: I read the news today oh boy

because, indeed, the first news I read was about a murder, which is not the unusual part, as I live in Los Angeles. I learned what a ‘crime of passion’ was when Richmond, Virginia was tops for violent crimes for a blip in the radar, when I happened to grow up there. Always attracted to danger, one could propose.

Except this murder was Shakespeare.

Or mental illness meets USA twenty-first will be the thirstiest century.

For our blood.

So the pitch is a concept where human blood fuels zombie takeover except then Philip K. Dick comes in and the whole thing turns upside down. yeah, that’s the story…

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