Lullabies of butterflies 

And then she left.

No one gets over a selfish mother. 

It takes more time than one life’s got

To mend

Such meaninglessness 

So the poets 

And the painters,

The doctors and 

the pastors

Rush bedside 

To eulogize the moment 

of your 


in passing
Gentile still

Mother goose

with a quill

sings your

story to

thr world

butterfly dreams 

fall softly 


There is no 

time to wait

The echoes faint

Everything eventually 


Which seems 

to be 

the primary 

cause of fear

that of losing 

what you know 

is going to disappear

But never being

ready for it

No matter how 

Much you prepare

No matter what homework 

Assignment life hands out

There is no right answer 

So don’t insist upon

Another’s reasons

Fitting yours

Don’t fix 

What you 

Don’t  break 

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