the naked ape

What does that mean to you

To me a torn up cover

Of a book I avoided 

For britannica 

And escaping 

The dark side


  Van Gogh

Starry starry Gauguin 

What started as a game 

soon became a well-honed (or was it heeled? She wasn’t sure🌰, it didn’t matter that she was sure of, now it was 

Just a matter of getting out the door in time to make the code 


Dead Kennedy waitress clue, the nostalgia made her feel more alive than she had in years and she was making money without having to — the proverbial 🐯whore herself out to make ends meet. Not anymore she thought smugly walking across the empty wide cross walk bearing intersection with the light when a mustang shouting chollos ran the light, careened right into Sara Latham, as she dreamed a little dream of you.

 Nelly Bly reporter

She was my antihero 

The heroine not heroin

Not even ruby skippers

Slippers bluebells or day trippers 

No that honorary joy has yet to be seen

Sometimes a great notion

Look homeward angel

The whiteness of bones

Something I have to write 

The awakening

I had a fever probably a subliminal sexual awakening while reading madam Bogarde notary Bovary


   The images our mothers gave us
Were mixed messages at best

 And if you were lucky enough to be the Jon snow of a forgotten generic x files REM VU U2 MTV WTF forgotten generation 

But not for long

She’s tense. She’s had to sleep with the publisher for way too long. The book is suffering🐹. She’s boozing.
Nathanial Malbini is scheduled to show up at the outside patio of their favorite Parisian cafe in the shithole they call home on Normal Ave where junkies were in control for a while and it was almost like a hippie veggie omelette Berkeley commune arrangement tiki Ravens til Courtney love came to town
   You know you want it
So you start to need it

When you need it

You get it