Installation: The constant refining 

without thinking too much

But it is about pollack or Rothko or Rauschenberg coz when I see their paintings I feel something visceral am distinct not cerebral like Picasso or self🌺conscious like Warhol. It’s like having to eat your vegetables at the table with Joyce Carol Oates when you really want to go off and get drunk with Beaudelaire then maybe Rimbaud, although I always see him sad on a ship dying young, staying pretty somehow. And so it goes, slaying the detractors, swaying through life, she has her heroes, just because she doesn’t talk about it much doesn’t mean no body was ever there, that no body she knows even cares, that’s just the way it had to become, it’s eat them or be done, gone, their dinner in their pocket instead.
Installation addresses all this the best k-can the Katherine can can auto erotic auto correct fest as I step into the shower maybe I’ll have a shower in the corner installed and give free showers to people on skid row during the art opening invite chase mural eyes everywhere and juxtapoz hazed big brave long haired overshadowed shepherd fairy show but more flawed, if you sought such things. Me, I’ve always had a double repartee, indmnifiable indemity, strong arm the heart TIL her legs quiver then catch fireflies and zebras and fairy tales are all she ever thinks about…

So here goes 101: IN RETROSPECT


For definitive reasons 
There will be guest artist sections 

Invite scarlet and chase and cyrcle and Venice street artist drum circle 

We warehouse it near that area that’s tumbleweed land shirt liquor store vile

Soon be laying down a mortgage there

You don’t become beat 

You just are beat

You got it in you

Your hear it 

All around you
Installation 102: the inductions into the dream academy

Through your various memories of sleep
Installation 103 Vicki’s psycho son Muir cat and friends 

The heavy metapocalypse hip hop Tupac Jesus Rodrigues

Coz I got a feeling

That there’s something to Carlos Casteneda and this story.


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