Where do we begin

When everything is a reminder of something bigger than you and i can even say

What gets through

is a near rhyme, mound, for found, or sound, or whoever plays with words gets burned by words or maybe just thoughts, hard to tell anymore, so little goes as hoped, planned or intended these days, it makes me wonder if it ever really did in the first place, and then I realize I am … Continue reading What gets through

Installation: The constant refining 

without thinking too much But it is about pollack or Rothko or Rauschenberg coz when I see their paintings I feel something visceral am distinct not cerebral like Picasso or self🌺conscious like Warhol. It's like having to eat your vegetables at the table with Joyce Carol Oates when you really want to go off and … Continue reading Installation: The constant refining 

Find a block 

Where your people can find you  bulletins from the abyss.     

of duchesses and chambermaids 

proust: Do you like truffles?joyce: Yes, I do. Joyce meets a strawberry 3) As told by James Joyce many years later to Jacques Mercanton: ‘Proust would talk only of duchesses, while I was more concerned with their chambermaids.’