Just the tip, pro

“Pro tip” followed by De rigueur colon sounds so smug and condescending to me, like the bitter Madame schooling the tigresse De jour in ways to wake up the beast. My point being: there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Ever wonder who came up widdat?
Not Mark Twain or Stevie Smith. But someone just as literarily significant to my choice of voice in narratives of years past. Not to be outdone. She waits, pounces, considers how the Wolf varies from the lion cub. That is all.

  Dear Diary,
In retrospect, I think we oughta do a retrospective of your brain.

I can’t believe confessional

i vowed to tell the truth 

And if you could get through enough of the glorified obfuscation (what do you expect it’s a little thing called dissociative order which I was able to channel into verbal transgressions of the transitive type) but I’d always prefer you not know me because it generally ends up painful in some way I did not want or suspect or expect and don’t want heart ache despite being way too good at it

Art form confessional sharpening knife in same room my life is surreal. I told you you could find the truth here and now it scares me how honest I am.
Please don’t kiss me

I can’t take it