you can’t always get what you want…

…But if you try sometimes, you get what you need.

I have all the answers. Right here. In this little book.

You follow the one who has all the answers.

To a dark, dank path beneath a bridge that follows a tunnel out the other side into a vastness you can’t comprehend. You swallow. You would gasp but there is a sweetness to the air here that makes even fear invisible, sending all your cares away on a wisp of a cloud.

This is the fairy tale. This is the mantra.

We are all headed to the same place: immortality. The extinguishing of ego. The end of fantasy. The beginning of what? All I know is you have to have a reason not to get up every day but to do something worthy every day. Worthy can be simple, can be changing a rotten course of action, can be gratitude, can be grieving, can be reaching out, can be looking in, can be a miracle of sublime proportion in the smallest gesture of kindness.