Where They Never Thought They’d Be

It had that metallic taste she'd come to appreciate, it reminded her of the real taste of life, not quite sugar coated, not the perfect blend of dream and fantasy all rolled up into good little girl checklisting through life until one day, or maybe it's one moment like the movies say, I prefer the … Continue reading Where They Never Thought They’d Be

the week before

This is the week before, to the day, we celebrate my father's life. My brother, after reading my first pass at the obituary which quickly cut to the chase of his unique qualities and eccentric character traits he would want included as those are the details of a good 'yarn,' and if nothing else, my … Continue reading the week before

The sweetness is all that matters

“It is disease that makes health pleasant, hunger that makes fullness good, and weariness that makes rest sweet.” One of Heraclitus’ key concepts is that opposites define and inform each other.

The Graph: Math of Story, pt. 2

“No bones. Not even a knee cap."         As if knee caps are a different currency altogether, and, if that were the case, I should have a buried treasure full of gold somewhere, risk-free, in the desert. I’ve been watching Breaking Bad in consecutive order, an anomoly for me other than “Lost,” … Continue reading The Graph: Math of Story, pt. 2

Reading the Water: Portait of a Young Artist Grown Old

The book to come probably end of this year 2015 has been writing itself through me since've easily  been recovering and redrafting after Chimera. All scattered. I've dreamed of having the time and the space to do these art forms properly and the way I see fit which is all I've ever asked of my … Continue reading Reading the Water: Portait of a Young Artist Grown Old

In plain sight

She hidesIn pinkish faded light Losing hours Like a blight She cannot face What she cannot Release And  She miscarried  The burden For so long And now The answer  Carves  Upon her face With childless chisels  Causing hate Lasting indentations  Of blind faith I've harmed myself I know that now But now to begin the … Continue reading In plain sight