Either way, I lose

You try to find a perfect piece of what you love, music, poetry, abstract expressionist Rothko once you get him, you want to take your clothes off for him, to draw you a Delacroix, bemusing the starry, starry night of your heart carried hand-in-hand with e.e.’s version of what jesus was trying to tell us all along and the summer of love co-opted coz the lsd was better back then but i want to always look forward because there are always such beautiful surprises like when a cover version is better in some ways than the original found two examples so far this week and am holding steady mostly because i miss not living my life in the water (outrigger canoe paddling) and in the hillside country wildlands where only clouds and trees and green rolling hills abide and there I wandered knowing it was something I would hold tight but it had to slip away

either way

i lose

is the song I next want to learn to play on the piano….