Prior advances 

now you say you’re lonely 

Say you cried all night through 

Well you can cry me a river 

Coz I cried me a river 

Over you 

I would say in all seriousness the good life is less suffering more giving more ease of use more perfection without the backward over shoulder glance perhaps only just the memory of a dream but I propose we re dream the dream but I am emblazoned with the bravado of the song no need for words now you look me in the eye directly the mess we’re in the city sunset over me 

bravely insistent that the story exist by itself

“If I wanted a story, the thing to do was to get my grandmother to read it to me. Then listening to her voice, her story-reading voice which always sounded a little incredulous, marvelling, yet full of faith, bravely insistent, and watching her face, its meaningful and utterly familiar expressions — lifted eyebrows, ominously sinking chin, brisk little nods of agreement when, as sometimes happened, a character said something sensible — then I would feel the story grow into life and exist by itself.”

Alice Munro

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