Exegesis of Existential Angst

ex·e·ge·sis, pron. eksiˈjēsis is defined as a critical explanation or interpretation of a text. Stop there. Interpretation and explanation, in my view at least, are quite different beasts. An explanation invites little argument (case in point, when your parents ‘explain’ why you can’t go out, there is no logical discussion that follows, it is simply an explanation […]

Butterflies and fairy tales

Well, she’s walking through the clouds,With a circus mind that’s running wild,Butterflies and Zebras,And Moonbeams and fairy tales.That’s all she ever thinks about.Riding with the wind.Jimi Hendrix When I’m sad, she comes to me,With a thousand smiles she gives to me free.It’s alright, she says it’s alright,Take anything you want from me,Anything.Fly on little wing.

bravely insistent that the story exist by itself

“If I wanted a story, the thing to do was to get my grandmother to read it to me. Then listening to her voice, her story-reading voice which always sounded a little incredulous, marvelling, yet full of faith, bravely insistent, and watching her face, its meaningful and utterly familiar expressions — lifted eyebrows, ominously sinking […]