Wednesday always seems to be this way

“When memory is called to answer, it often answers back with deception.”

Whatever way ‘this’ is–the cacophony outside is astounding, only parallel to massive abyss of sadness swirling around in my head that can only be explained by the problem of emotional honesty in a world I am not made for.

So it’s back to branding conversations, let me sling my guns across my womanly hips so I can shoot from them aiming straight at my foot to tell you that you need me and the only reason I need you is because people like you take advantage of people like me (corporate types v creative engines) and here I am again, creating your vision and walking away, no severance pay. Well I am tired of this and I am tired of everything and I am a used up toy, once again, thanks to a certain vulnerability which, trust me, will never happen again.

Uncomfortably numb.