Bio for Katherine Walker, Director-Writer-Producer

I am a writer, filmmaker, producer. I tell real people’s stories, and am a master of verite-style, unscripted television.

I manage big crews and work with exceptionally talented people. I deliver the best possible product, on time and on budget. My organizational & communication skills as a Show Runner and Director combined with my creative on-my-feet scriptwriting responses make me unique among the many.

I have over 18 years of experience in film and television, in a myriad of genres and formats.

Other experience: Grantwriter, columnist, editor.

Conflict Resolution Facilitator for the State of Hawaii

Partial Credits

The Apprentice, seasons 1-5 producer: 19 million viewers, Episode 1.

The Amazing Race, Episode 311 wins first Emmy for that series.

Series: The Colony, Model Latina, Bar Rescue, American Hoggers, Ice Cold Gold, Fixing the Body, The Restaurant, The Amazing Race and five seasons of The Apprentice.

On-set assistant for Harrison Ford & Robert DeNiro.

LinkedIn profile link:

on location in Greenland


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  2. Well, you know, there hasn’t been a whole lotta movies to get excited about since Ben Hur ~ so I figure you & I ought to get together to finally make the sequel… You’re very beautiful ~ of course I am only spiritually speaking…

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