Francesca’s Knees

Francesca's knees are bruised, from bashing into the car door-steering wheel combo as the Jehovah's Witness chased her to her father's Honda, a stoic vehicle in the Ohio snow. The other from the Icelandic Vodka, two brands, his girlfriend supplied in happier times. She wondered if she was technically a drunk if it was only … Continue reading Francesca’s Knees

Wednesday always seems to be this way

"When memory is called to answer, it often answers back with deception." Whatever way 'this' is--the cacophony outside is astounding, only parallel to massive abyss of sadness swirling around in my head that can only be explained by the problem of emotional honesty in a world I am not made for. So it's back to … Continue reading Wednesday always seems to be this way

Bio for Katherine Walker, Director-Writer-Producer

I am a writer, filmmaker, producer. I tell real people's stories, and am a master of verite-style, unscripted television. I manage big crews and work with exceptionally talented people. I deliver the best possible product, on time and on budget. My organizational & communication skills as a Show Runner and Director combined with my creative on-my-feet … Continue reading Bio for Katherine Walker, Director-Writer-Producer


How does one keep up? I'll push away my silver tears from future dreams and get on with The robotic hunt. My darkness bleeds for that master of mayhem Who exuded Songs of passion only to Leave me for a picket fence.

Windy sunny hot

Remember there is nothing required when you pass these gates to this temple so guarded so sacred you don't even know where you are hidden away cherished in secret. white heat found lost and now I suppose I must wait for you to make your decision

by 4:50 haven’t made as much progress

Tuesday's gone with the wind 4:44 started All these devised interfaces for me to write what I know for the immutable time capsule, the diaries of not a mad woman despite the claims by others who shall remain faceless at this point in time as this is just a platform trial and entryway error momentum: … Continue reading by 4:50 haven’t made as much progress

Sunday revisited

I used to be a happy girl, there are pictures of a smiling face and all the hope the world could offer. I used to believe that I could attain all those things and be happy. I used to think I could accomplish almost anything and then life frittered away into a series of just … Continue reading Sunday revisited