Like the vultures

They came

She passed right by

Pretending it was not her flesh they ripped from her bones

Her heart a carcass to trample with proxy
Dame damage done

You didn’t have to compliment incessantly

what Mae makes malleable

You knew I thought
That one night the fever broke
Those different time zones
Who’s here
And what would have happened with
A terse geography
You said
It wasn’t everything
Then you
Said it’s nothing
Listen here
You always know
Or you wouldn’t say
Such sweet things
To a woman discussing
Sylvia Plath with you
For some reasons not worth
Bothering with the
Curiosity of you
Like a good girl
But you know there
Are things we will
Never explain

But that doesn’t mean they
Don’t exist somewhere
Unfinished business
Of showers of ghosts

You sought
What I’m not sure
I only know
My heart is

for this world

A love story in slight return
Which means the love came out through the song
It’s a sad tale in most ancient cultures
And when it happens today
It is even more confusing
When visceral gets in the way
You are in the doorway
Of my very thought

So tethered

Your move
Slight return


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