Prometheus has a mistress

yet it is not surprising that few people know this Icarus ascending nobody cares this time it’s hot in the desert she is sick of wasting time granted, the mistress must wait each day for him to come home from work AH, Prometheus I could love you better than Athena Prometheus moulder of mankind fromContinue reading “Prometheus has a mistress”

Of course, I know this

Walking around the Quaker place you go to die in the snow and answering calls about meltdowns that occur in sunny places, and I wanted to start a chronicle of days, but the focus I had three minutes ago has been absolved by the lack of focus now, whether it’s mental or emotional or aContinue reading “Of course, I know this”

How To Ruin Your Life (Without Even Noticing That You Are)

“You ruin your life by choosing the wrong person…words will stick…and nothing will be able to breach that judgement. “You ruin your life by desensitizing it…” Which is exactly what the Kahuna right down the road from me in Wailua Houselots said–sensitive? That was a good thing, meant you were hearing the universe, closer toContinue reading “How To Ruin Your Life (Without Even Noticing That You Are)”

Delusions of Gladness for Spectacular Sadness

I cannot explain why this song makes me want to cry (or has in the past, now I slightly choke up before the next item on my to do list, storage full warning, why is there popcorn stuck to my bread, and why did I just call it my bread?) I have to check theContinue reading “Delusions of Gladness for Spectacular Sadness”

Tropic of Capricorn meets Aquarius

The amount of the bad is immeasurable in terms of things that are not right with the world, the specifics and the details, the general and the ambiguous. That changes nothing of its current appearance. The fact that I have been trained by my brain to forget so much and in forgetting this thing theyContinue reading “Tropic of Capricorn meets Aquarius”

What is the most interesting fact that you know and I don’t but I should?

There is a discrepancy of 43 seconds of arc per century. Answer by A Quora admin: Precession of the perihelion of Mercury A long-standing problem in the study of the Solar System was that the orbit of Mercury did not behave as required by Newton's equations.To understand what the problem is let me describe theContinue reading “What is the most interesting fact that you know and I don’t but I should?”

It can destroy you

A strong signal that the burnout victim is sliding into an existential crisis of meaninglessness is evident when the person’s statements about work are cloaked with a “so what?” or “why bother?” attitude. This is particularly striking among burnout victims who were once very enthusiastic and dedicated. “what hurts us is not what happens toContinue reading “It can destroy you”