Split apart soul

Going outside to chop wood

with the axe

of lifetimes


I ask you

do you want

to take a



am gone



of us

can answer.

Plato’s “split-apart” theory: The Greek philosopher said that every human being is part of one soul that has been separated. The two halves will search tirelessly for one another in hopes of coming back together as a whole…

I have a thing for Plato and am obsessed with the theory of the cave and the French guy who spent 6 months in a cave studying sleep patterns and boy sometimes I’d like to sleep for six months and it’s a bit of a myth this thing we talk about until we can no longer speak

This language of cave paintings

the drum beat to the chant

what does it all mean

when there’s no time

to consider




the next

‘dying breed’

to come hither

as she slithers

to your door

the key

where is it?

no one knows


here goes


I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

I suppose.

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