The Reason Your Child Might Be Less Creative

Originally posted on TIME:
Our schools and workplaces claim to love creativity — but the research shows they don’t reward it. In fact, they punish it. “…students with the highest GPA’s were the ones who scored lowest on measures of creativity and independence…” “…supervisors judged their workforce the way teachers judged their students. They gave…

What traits, if any, do good fiction writers have in common?

Answer by K.M. Weiland: Following are ten habits of the successful writer. 1. Write every day. Treat your writing like a job, even if it isn’t yet. Writing something every day, even if it’s only a paragraph, keeps your creative pump primed and your inertia at bay. 2. Complete stories. Discipline yourself to finish everyContinue reading “What traits, if any, do good fiction writers have in common?”

Getting nervous, could be mistaken for Buddha

The bottom line, however, is that I need work and everything has either evaporated or been the usual, typical, so over-it-bullshit and what do you do in this case when you’re not insane enough to be Van Gogh but you are as talented a dish washer, if that makes any allegorical sense to the four of you who blessedly pretend to understand me.

One of these days…

I’m gonna… and that’s all I remember of what I think is a Pink Floyd song. I am still not sure where my voter’s handbook is. I know there is something in there about a bond by the state of California. I know I care about two things, the water rules and the stop puttingContinue reading “One of these days…”

Saving Daylight Series: the Numbers

💱only nine Nearly 5,000 people have died of Ebola, but only nine patients have been treated for the virus on US soil. I say this as the virus sits in a state where my 83 year old mother lives and I’m not sure what I think about any of this. You will be hearing moreContinue reading “Saving Daylight Series: the Numbers”