Slip knot round my heart

You ply and play The chords Like chrome Cool steel coy bleak But First Comes fire & in that, We all forget Ourselves Those moments Regretted in silence Until no longer Any pain Can be remit Upon The scour of her soul rants In his arms, He chides but knows as she knows they decided […]

9 thoughts on “Slip knot round my heart

  1. Here’s a little photo story of Russell doing some whistling on top of that same horse!


  2. I remember Benhur doing something like that in the old movie…


    1. Oops ~ this is in the wrong place. Sorry.


    2. Ben Hur – I loved that as a kid


  3. At the bottom of this page, you will find my favorite boat:


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    1. Charlotte is a grand ole dame!
      I really like those poems too…


      1. Thank you very much! The poems are part of a long narrative about getting carried away in a haunted tug boat stranded in the desert… Fun to write… Spent about 3 years doing it in Yuma… It gets religious…

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        1. Interesting.

          And Yuma? Wow. I always think of Russell Crowe whistling to his horse.


    2. I paddled Hawaiian outrigger canoe so that is why I chose my ⛵


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