Together again
A secret constained

An action condemned

One mind obliterated 

one body on the mend 

He’s fine

She’s a wreck 

I have disappeared from my own persona

I work in television.
This is my Henry MillerBukowskiHunter S-styled chronicle of nihilism.
Imuafilm is the filmmic reality.



Saving Daylight Series: the Numbers

💱only nine

Nearly 5,000 people have died of Ebola, but only nine patients have been treated for the virus on US soil.

I say this as the virus sits in a state where my 83 year old mother lives and I’m not sure what I think about any of this.

You will be hearing more from me ⭕️🔜
And Plum, the ghostwriter
And Kant McNanemus™ the nomme de plume of the mall
(Bell: ball were taken)

1. What is going on ➕ why such a sudden spike ➕seemingless random outbreaks ➡️what is the connection
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