Rogue wave

Rapscallions Are no better than Regular scallions auto stocks power locks you caught me dismantling my soul And sat there waiting I find myself Nowhere All At once wondering how words Come apart Like nomadic Gestures to the door It’s not that I’m No good At hints Anymore It’s just that Blunt force trauma BecomesContinue reading “Rogue wave”

Slip knot round my heart

You ply and play The chords Like chrome Cool steel coy bleak But First Comes fire & in that, We all forget Ourselves Those moments Regretted in silence Until no longer Any pain Can be remit Upon The scour of her soul rants In his arms, He chides but knows as she knows they decidedContinue reading “Slip knot round my heart”

Dispatches from nowhere: how are you supposed to do that?

And how are you supposed to do that? I wonder.   “pay attention to your emotional reactions without necessarily acting on your feeling” Went to bed depressed, woke up lost in sea of anger, resentment and complete existential angst. And one of us will die first.   These confessionals yield nothing substantial, and yet, sometimes, justContinue reading “Dispatches from nowhere: how are you supposed to do that?”

This is what we do to ourselves

In the end, as human beings, this is what we do. It’s madness, folly and ultimately, in undeniably sensible circles, potentially meaningless. Does the meaningless drive us mad? If one of us is crazy, aren’t we all? The fact that it is in us to completely disavow ourselves from any identifiable features (human speech, ourContinue reading “This is what we do to ourselves”