Slip knot round my heart

You ply and play
The chords
Like chrome
Cool steel coy bleak
Comes fire & in that,
We all forget

Those moments
Regretted in silence
Until no longer
Any pain
Can be remit
The scour of her soul rants
In his arms,
He chides
but knows
as she knows
they decided in a private letter
Self-destroyed together
In that gold hot room
Mrs. Bernard thanks you so much.

I am fine, I am always
Fine, you know that.
For some reason,
you knew that
before I knew to even
Tell you that &
Why would I do that
Except your virtual shush machine
Vertigo candy stripe mode
Hands off
She’s mine
Love in the afternoon
Which would be
Throughout history
In imagination
And fantasy
And multimillion dollar
Sin City Novella Franchise
You in? I need help choosing
A costume…

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