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@rona65: I am very well aware, yet I choose to ignore, is that a problem for you?
Did I mention. I love woody harrelson clear the square

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Gaudí’s Casa Batlló, Barcelona


Alastair Savage

Casa BatlloLike his Renaissance forbears, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí left many of his works incomplete at the time of his death on 26 June 1926, three weeks after he had been struck by a tram in the centre of Barcelona. All three men were working at the very forefront of human achievement and their services were constantly in demand so it is no surprise that so many of their projects started and were then discarded.

In the case of Gaudí, there are unfinished works scattered all around Barcelona. The mosaic-lined walls of Park Güell were intended to surround an entire neighbourhood of homes, shops and markets but only a couple of houses were eventually built. Visitors to the Colònia Güell in the west of the city can see the crypt of an intended church that was never finished because the money ran out. Meanwhile, work continues on the Sagrada…

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How does Ebola trick the immune system into launching the cytokine storm?

follow-up on How Ebola Kills You: It's Not The Virus

How does Ebola trick the immune system into launching the cytokine storm?

Slip knot round my heart

You ply and play
The chords
Like chrome
Cool steel coy bleak
Comes fire & in that,
We all forget

Those moments
Regretted in silence
Until no longer
Any pain
Can be remit
The scour of her soul rants
In his arms,
He chides
but knows
as she knows
they decided in a private letter
Self-destroyed together
In that gold hot room
Mrs. Bernard thanks you so much.

I am fine, I am always
Fine, you know that.
For some reason,
you knew that
before I knew to even
Tell you that &
Why would I do that
Except your virtual shush machine
Vertigo candy stripe mode
Hands off
She’s mine
Love in the afternoon
Which would be
Throughout history
In imagination
And fantasy
And multimillion dollar
Sin City Novella Franchise
You in? I need help choosing
A costume…

Celebrate Urban Rock Birds

Love the idea!

La Paz Group

With over a week of working with other grades at the elementary school in Tacacorí, I’ve seen lots of really great paintings of birds on locally-found stones, and even one or two chunks of cement. After finding around seventy-odd rocks around Xandari that were mostly usable for this art project and scrubbing them all of mud and moss, I

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Time is a transitive

Verb as it is always in action, a relative, in motion, never quite what it ends up becoming.

Tends to favor ‘never quite enough, or way too much.’

It’s never right. It messes with us all our lives.

I know if I had more of it, I wouldn’t worry about wasting

where will you be? And are you innocent? Who could ever claim such a thing, unless you were an infant? And then, you would never have the consciousness to do so that’s really the only time the human race is absolved of irreparable guilt over just breathing, after so many years.

The silence is