Francesca, continued

...she was looking to be taken and he was the perfect man for that...for now.

The decision was made

...actually accomplishing the pinnacle through power of suggestion, double back, ,don't disavow what has begun and if you only give pleasure that will achieve the goal...


I ate more hair dye and conditioner grease than I would have liked and sometimes it feels as though it is all but a dream. As if it were but a dream. I forget the line I once had memorized, affixed to my back pocket. Will I ever feel so safe and secure again? Was … Continue reading Well,

Your hands

Between my legs is something we both think about even if we don't say it you can't because you like being tied up, tied down as much as I like to be free with all the encumbrances such a facade provides. You know I mean you. You can't say it, I won't say it, you … Continue reading Your hands