How You Can Stop Email From Taking Over Your Life

Yes!!! Want to end email!
Trying slack and other ways to limit this time & energy soul-sucking platform used mostly by marketeers & paranoid cover-your-ass colleagues who think send an email about it constitutes actual productive work.


We send, and receive, a lot of email.

Via The Tyranny of E-Mail:

“In 2007, 35 trillion messages shot back and forth between the world’s 1 billion PC’s; in the time it took you to read this point, some 300 million e-mails were sent and received.”

“In 2006, one study found that the average U.S. office worker was interrupted eleven times an hour. The cost of these interruptions, in which e-mail plays a large role, runs close to $600 billion in the United States alone.

“…in 2006, it was discovered that Americans spent more than half of their life connected to various forms of media. This means we spend more time engaged in media than we do sleeping, more hours plugged in than we log at work. We work in order to have time to watch. We spend more time with our computers than our spouses.”


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