Game of Thrones

MB Blissett

I picked up seasons 2 and 3 on DVD, having watched them on tv several times as I am a massive fan of the books. It’s a genuine pleasure, both as a fan and as a writer. On the commentaries, I consider myself a student of the writing, the characterisation and the dynamics of the casting/performances and as a fan, I like the anecdotes and some of the decisions that are made. 

The trick with a television script is to consider the limits of the sets and characters. Much as tennis is pointless with the net down, so a television script has to consider locations and characters as part of telling it’s story. A book has an unlimited budget because so long as you can write it, you can create it.

(Note, if you are writing a comic book, you can write a sentence such as ‘the fleets engage’ and…

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