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Food Rebels

La Paz Group

From guerilla gardeners, to food foraging, to our own movement toward preserving food biodiversity and farm to table sustainability, we love to write about the food we eat and how it reaches our plate.

Luckily for all of us we’re not alone in either our interest or speaking out about it. Generations since Rachel Carson‘s seminal book there have been people writing about, and more importantly, acting upon the need to re-embrace the old methods of food production while sometimes using technology to our more healthy advantage.

Food Forward opens the door into a new world of possibility, where pioneers and visionaries are creating viable alternatives to the pressing social and environmental impacts of our industrial food system.

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Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood – TV Review

Screen Radar

Thus far series eight of Doctor Who has been defined by its dark and brooding tone as Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor raises questions about his own identity and morality while battling an array of creepy foes. Robot of Sherwood, however, sees the show taking a break from such levity by embarking on a light-hearted romp through the midlands that swaps existential pathos for swashbuckling action and plenty of laughs.

The Mark Gatiss-penned episode is geared around the Doctor’s attempts to dispel the notion that his is some sort of mythical hero as he asks Clara, “When did you start believing in impossible heroes?” To prove his point, Twelve agrees to take Clara back to Sherwood Forest to visit the fictional hero she loved as a child, convinced that Robin Hood is mere myth. Imagine his surprise, then, when their arrival is greeted by non-other than the man himself. Maybe…

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Game of Thrones

MB Blissett

I picked up seasons 2 and 3 on DVD, having watched them on tv several times as I am a massive fan of the books. It’s a genuine pleasure, both as a fan and as a writer. On the commentaries, I consider myself a student of the writing, the characterisation and the dynamics of the casting/performances and as a fan, I like the anecdotes and some of the decisions that are made. 

The trick with a television script is to consider the limits of the sets and characters. Much as tennis is pointless with the net down, so a television script has to consider locations and characters as part of telling it’s story. A book has an unlimited budget because so long as you can write it, you can create it.

(Note, if you are writing a comic book, you can write a sentence such as ‘the fleets engage’ and…

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The wonder of Charly’s Bakery

Klaas In Session

Welcome to Charly’s Bakery

PicMonkey Collage

They had a whole TV dedicated to these baking angels.


They are located in 38 Canterbury Street, Cape Town.

They sell sweet stuff so seriously: Do you need more convincing?

Their little palace of wonder is a pink and white castle of awesome, with cute murals.

They serve cakes, cupcakes, cookies and quiches.


Despite an epic Sweet-tooth selection, I got a chocolate brownie with warm chocolate sauce.bc …but first: Grande Hot Chocolate and a Leg of Lamb Pie.??????????

Their open times

Tuesday – Friday: 8am – 5pm
Saturday: 8:30am – 2pm
Closed on Sundays, Mondays
as well as ALL public holidays


Tel: + 27 (021) 461 5181

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Sunday morning coming ’round

“Where there is love, there is life.”
-Mahatma Gandhi