Had to get away from chaos

@tbukowskiquotes: At least the others had some taste for life.They seemed to understand something that I didn’t understand.I just wanted to get away from them

Understood what I can not see
Torturous to me
Can’t seem to finish
What I start
With this societal
Grabbing ADD
drugged up slop they feed
Us on the inside
Killing me softly
On the outside
I am a flavor of
Lollipop as yet
Un rendered but I’m
Probably gonna go
Wit razz ma tazz jingle
Fed mother bred
Hippo pot amours
I am getting
My game back
I hate saying that
But there is nothing
More accurate
But no one will read it
And I kind of hate how
Evil game of thrones is
And I’m only in season 1
Half watching as
Coz aforementioned add
Cultural distraction Dramamine

Will fall easily
And never stay
For too

Thursday story experiment


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