How it starts

Without so much as a Twitch and, For once, She hoped Without a hitch But You know How that goes For most of the population In all 50 states and 196 to be safe Countries - and the Significant number of Nations with 'multiple Capital cities' how does That work tell me Benin, Cote d'Ivorie, … Continue reading How it starts


Your speed activated the alarm

Crushed brain

Lost in a swath of nonviolent nonsense the human stench becomes palatable starting in the place you're sitting Self hatred knows no bound I SHOUKD thank you for they Oh brethren like the king who kills who he can at 17 Because Just because he knows Believe little what you hear without seeing How the … Continue reading Crushed brain

Had to get away from chaos

@tbukowskiquotes: At least the others had some taste for life.They seemed to understand something that I didn't understand.I just wanted to get away from them Understood what I can not see Torturous to me Can't seem to finish What I start With this societal Grabbing ADD drugged up slop they feed Us on the inside … Continue reading Had to get away from chaos