How it starts

Without so much as a
Twitch and,
For once,
She hoped
Without a hitch
You know
How that goes
For most of the population
In all 50 states and
196 to be safe
Countries – and the
Significant number of
Nations with ‘multiple
Capital cities’ how does
That work tell me
Benin, Cote d’Ivorie, Rangoon &
Nay Pyi Taw, The Hague/Amsterdam
Make total sense
Jayewardenepura Kotte
Colombo good-bye


Your speed activated 20140605-191617-69377108.jpg the alarm

Crushed brain

Lost in a swath of nonviolent nonsense the human stench becomes palatable starting in the place you’re sitting
Self hatred knows no bound
I SHOUKD thank you for they
Oh brethren like the king who kills who he can at 17
Just because he knows

Believe little what you hear without seeing
How the person
Says it

Know this
Even the blackest of Hearts can cry
During suicide and
The intent of the good
Can never be foolproof
By design

And I don’t know why
That is
& perhaps
This is what boers & bothers
Me most other
Than my own lack
Of midst understanding
Without meaning
A thing

Had to get away from chaos

@tbukowskiquotes: At least the others had some taste for life.They seemed to understand something that I didn’t understand.I just wanted to get away from them

Understood what I can not see
Torturous to me
Can’t seem to finish
What I start
With this societal
Grabbing ADD
drugged up slop they feed
Us on the inside
Killing me softly
On the outside
I am a flavor of
Lollipop as yet
Un rendered but I’m
Probably gonna go
Wit razz ma tazz jingle
Fed mother bred
Hippo pot amours
I am getting
My game back
I hate saying that
But there is nothing
More accurate
But no one will read it
And I kind of hate how
Evil game of thrones is
And I’m only in season 1
Half watching as
Coz aforementioned add
Cultural distraction Dramamine

Will fall easily
And never stay
For too

Thursday story experiment