beautiful Kauai

I miss your trade winds
The cloud kissed crags
Atop that glorious behemoth
and that one morning
Every few months when
The peak of rippling water
Is completely clear not one
Cumulus lurking mid-level
Always the last to leave
The party and no sign of Cirrus
Either called back to
heaven for a days rest and
To give Waialale the highest
Mountain on the oldest
Island a clear cranium
Occipital sphenoid, ethmoid
Get warm
Paired temporal & parietal bones
Stretching far across her lush
Valleys and one sublime day is given forth for mysteries Kauai never explains


1 thought on “Wai’ale’ale

  1. I wouldn’t necessarily delve into my deeper musings about how fucked the entertainment industry is. I have not had a chance to revise for vitriolic tempo.


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