Yes, no

Reflects positive attitude.
Explores opportunity.
Moves forward.
Too many yeses cause:

Missed deadlines.
Mediocre results.
Neglected relationships.
Diluted impact.
Letting teams down.
Persistent fatigue.
No protects success.


Protects energy
Enables focus.
Limits distraction.
The quickest way to radically improve life and leadership, for those addicted to yes, is saying no.

A good no:

Makes room for priorities.
Keeps you living in your strengths.
Opens a door.

Say no sooner rather than later. It’s hard to say no after you said yes.
Identify your values. Say to yourself, “That’s not important to me.”
Do more of what fulfills.
Stop saying, “If I can just get through this … things will be better.”
Give yourself space. When you feel pressure to say yes, say, “Let me think about it.” But, realize a delay keeps issues on your plate.
Go ahead and explain yourself. “I’d love to say yes, but ….”
Pressured to say yes:

Leaders who can’t say no are pushed around by people and opportunities.

People who pressure you to say yes are manipulators. Once you start saying yes, they’ll keep expecting you to say yes. Stand your ground or be a doormat.


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