Awesome New Book Teaches Us About Fierce (and Often Brutal) Historical Women | The Vagenda

Awesome New Book Teaches Us About Fierce (and Often Brutal) Historical Women | The Vagenda.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez Saved My Life

burns the fire

Gabriel José de la Concordia Garcia Marquez    (March 6, 1927 – April 17, 2014) Gabriel José de la Concordia Garcia Marquez (March 6, 1927 – April 17, 2014)

The man, outside my own, who I have long fantasized about being stranded with on a deserted island, is dead.

It wasn’t for the sex. I chose him because I couldn’t imagine a more ardent thinker, seductive conversationalist or outrageous dreamer, who, staring into the belly of extinction, could help keep me laughing, crying and sane. My people, trust a writer, the brain is a beast and will find ways to care for its shell. I can survive on food-for-thought alone.

She knew him: from that point on he was going to lose control, his speech would become disjointed, he would be at her mercy, and he would not find his way back until he had reached the end. She led him by the hand to the bed as if he were a blind beggar on the street, and…

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True Detective

If we think of True Detective as a parody in these terms—that it nods toward certain conventions only to manipulate and muddle their strictures and codes—it might coax us out of our pursuit of trajectory and meaning, and ultimately help us appreciate the show more on its own terms. “I think we’re doing a good job of telling the story that this genre demands,” series creator Nic Pizolatto told the Daily Beast. “I think we’re also poking certain holes in it and looking at where these instincts begin, both in the type of men that Hart and Cohle represent—and in ourselves as an audience.”

50 Incredible Novels Under 200 Pages


Springtime can make even the most devoted of readers a little bit antsy. After all, there are flowers to smell, puddles to jump in, fresh love to kindle. You still want to have a novel in your pocket — just maybe one that doesn’t require quite so epic an attention span. Never fear: after the jump, you will find 50 incredible novels under 200 pages (editions vary, of course, so there’s a little leeway) that are suitable for this or any season. For simplicity’s sake, the list makes no distinction between novel and novella, excludes children’s books, and only allows one novel per author. Read on to find a book to divert your springtime attentions, and since there are way more than 50 incredible short novels out there in the world, add any favorites missing here in the comments.

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Looking has neither

“I’m filled with a desire for clarity and meaning within a world and condition that offers neither.”
Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus (via requiemforthepast)

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s 20 Quotes on Writing – Azevedo’s Reviews

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s 20 Quotes on Writing – Azevedo's Reviews.

3. “Once I understood what was making America such a dangerous, unhappy nation of people who had nothing to do with real life, I resolved to shun storytelling. I would write about life. Every person would be exactly as important as any other. All facts would also be given equal weightiness. Nothing would be left out. Let others bring order to chaos. I would bring chaos to order, instead, which I think I have done. If all writers would do that, then perhaps citizens not in the literary trades will understand that there is no order in the world around us, that we must adapt ourselves to the requirements of chaos instead.”

midnight anxieties

‘your past will meet mine’

I.J. Keddie

escalating escalating
pushed way too far now
cold sweats
feverish fingering of dry skin
midnight anxieties
your past will meet mine
sway slow
a dance we won’t share
chain sore
pressures within your still face
burning halos
an itch on old memories

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