‘Desperation thoughts’ I swear he just said AFC champ

somewhere near the fjord

Katherine Walker That’s why, in history, the underground always plays a role in change and as such, there could be a resurgence of old school passage of knowledge which could be far more creative, like messengers carrying chips outside of the sanctioned web controlled by the ‘marketplace’–I don’t look at things like this as obstacles but necessary to the advancement of ‘the truths we hold self-evident” (in my opinion, these evolve): that knowledge cannot be controlled by any man-made power or disruption for the sake of chaos and planned chaos is either to stop an intended evil, or purports a purely negative intent to undermine good. Two sides of same coin. So, short of anarchy, which can’t have any rulebook you can follow, it’s anarchy, I say the laws are that there are no laws other than universal physics’ “a leads to b leads to c facts.” Consistently proven and smart guys like Einstein and Hawking concur. Everything else is variable. So keep paperbacks in your garage, and magazines in the work shop, as we pass down knowledge by any means possible
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