Integrity is more important than politics!

Well said. I would add the caveat (as you have implied): I have nothing agains people and their heartfelt convictions (my addendum) unless those beliefs harm or endanger another person. My sole concern is that these convictions do not KNOWINGLY or UNCONSCIOUSLY cause harm to others. I am willing to examine 98% of all ideas (except _____ fill in the blanks: I know my cut-off point and it has to with abuse/torture of others and just plain good ole stupidity).


Whether political or religious. I have nothing against people and their heartfelt beliefs,  My sole concern is that these convictions do not harm others. I’m willing to examine most ideas. In politics, in particular, no one group has a monopoly on finding practical solutions for difficult problems.

However, there are ideas that must be avoided. Consider Nazi Germany In the nineteen thirties.  Joseph Goebbels, (the German Minister of Propaganda from 1933-1945) said ““Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”. It was a technique that worked pretty well in Germany up until the time that the Nazis lost the war.

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