Why your big ideas should be in a box

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Michael Porter is famous. Never heard of him? If you’re a strategy wonk you have — likewise an entrepreneur, a business school grad, or a business leader. Ohh, that Michael Porter.  The Michael Porter who is most cited author in business and economics. The Bishop William Lawrence Harvard University…

Integrity is more important than politics!

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Whether political or religious. I have nothing against people and their heartfelt beliefs,  My sole concern is that these convictions do not harm others. I’m willing to examine most ideas. In politics, in particular, no one group has a monopoly on finding practical solutions for difficult problems. However, there are ideas…

dia reax

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–But everything you told us is lies… –That’s because you couldn’t stand the truth. (BAD grammar and incorrect case, intentional.) Why would you give away the ending except to just mess with someone, intentionally? I don’t like that, I don’t like that all. The flu shot controversy scares…

The vibe needs to be of marginal tranquility

It’s Taken me this long to (sort of) accept my ways of doing (or not, which is what increases the useless anxiety over failed imaginary tasks I actually wish I could do – the ones revolved around getting my life back in order – which still sit there, bad credit score started with doctor billsContinue reading “The vibe needs to be of marginal tranquility”

Portal Project: Mid-life Crisis Chronicles

  I still have to book the ticket this weekend to my h.s. reunion, hope it hasn’t gone up astronomically so I can really feel buyer’s remorse. Conflicted, ambivalent, don’t care, weirded out, thinking about speeches, as I always do, oratory preparation has never frightened me. No, now it’s more like having to actually answerContinue reading “Portal Project: Mid-life Crisis Chronicles”

Scientists are pitting bacteria against each other in 3D-printed cages

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http://motherboard.vice.com/blog/scientists-are-pitting-bacteria-against-each-other-in-3d-printed-cages Our bodies are filled with bacteria, and scientists are very interested in studying their impact on our lives. University of Texas researchers recently traded the traditional petri dish for tiny enclosures 3D printed out of protein. They say the cages better mimic conditions inside the body.


wish me luck tomorrow that I can actually find a good car easily even tho my inner LA elfin ragamuffin rag-tag-team of committee members committed to memory all the bad things you’ve done seem to proclaim in unison first  ‘too good to be true’ and ‘there’s no way you’ll get that lucky on your firstContinue reading “ride”

Last week’s train portal project

I just started in on it, the new “50 Shades of Grey” (or, fi were so inclined, the next Harry Potter, but I prefer to live in this world or real life realized in an uncommon way. We owe ourselves that much. THe world is a mess, it seems to maintain the quotient very amplyContinue reading “Last week’s train portal project”