by hook or by crook

my viral meme


It’s a work in progress in its current state but it will be a triptych (tri-tip) in 4 parts (12 panels)) of representations of what people have said the holiest of holy men represent

(cut to INTERIOR van for big dumb white spaghetti dinner revival cult driver to say, “Jesus won’t no pussy”

Jesus with a broken heart on a large gold chain around his neck, buff without a shirt, feet being attended to woman with myrrh

skinny Undercover Jesus in spiritual ‘disguise’ with his blanket draped over hunched shoulders with shopping card crossing skid row, as it shape shifts below his feet (using a 3D map graphic as people walk to show how our virtual world invades our ‘personal space’ and is changing all the time, always and forever). In that world vision, what remains — if anything at all — in fixed motion. the idea of a constricting faith, belief systems that don’t budge, institutional orders “just doing my time thank you go stand in that line” shuffling, a meaningless existence, a Camus’ nightmare [as as such, cite L’etranger when appropriate].

So like a super-hero, this undercover jesus starts in the ‘underground’ with Mole People as the first stop, he migrates.

The story must give instruction thru allegory to show people how to live life –awareness and knowledge and wisdom — in a world gone mad. If I had to ‘encapsulate’ (red pill or blue pill, I am not sure? can I have hello kitty pink instead?) the notion of acceptance creed it would be: grace; all-encompassing always true, never false, impossible to attain or grasp for more than 1/2 a second in real time-love (imagery would def include LO-VE sculpture/branded imagery from my lexicon of nostalgic virtue, aka remembering my youth with rose-colored glasses on); and the notion that god in his/her essence is a creator, a mad scientist, an artist with a sick sense of humor, in love with this world but sneaking off to cry by the side of the road, some force that sees humanity in all our what’s best about us–and yet, the inevitable Sisyphus irony must be presented, without explanation but woven threads of pure speculation. God as the ultimate human. Jesus was a heroin addict is the song that will be performed by The Dubious Gypsies, the band with a front-woman who’s married to the slide guitarist but having an affair with the manager. And there’s a chick drummer and 2 ex-heavy metal aficionados who now go to NA on Thursdays together.

Undercover Jesus, art installation. Part 1, underground mini-transportable comic strip


2 thoughts on “my viral meme”

  1. We have a little friend we call “toilet Jesus,” he was the baby Jesus from one of those “Three Kings Day” cakes. My youngest son got him in his piece of cake, and carried him around like a little lovey, and accidentally dropped him in the toilet. I fished him out and cleaned him well, and the only trace of his experience is his new name.


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