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Perhaps the first job Tom Thumb considers in his final semester at Columbia with his pre-cougar lover teacher pop cultura informer–perhaps writing a version of coverage on pulpish stories to become mass consumer fare–a job he sees in the village voice (which, like don draper, brings lustful opportunities ea episode, he is nothing if not a very seductive and very existential lay for these women he will then write in our version of rolling stone, the little brother to them but more controversial. need to research that Jan editor character who seemed sad about how hunter s became a parody of himself, perhaps that is the life question that episode. How not to become a parody of oneself as these rock stars die in waves and what else zeitgeistian about that time…one more semester. easy classes, lots of sex, mother comes around more to her manhattan apt seems to have a lover who is into hallucinagens and shares with her son, Tom Thumb for just like thom thum’s blues, a cover he plays with his ex-girlfriend renegade Madelaine on drums but now she’s taken off for Tangiers, something about teacher’s aide for a  washed up genius writer into being out of America where he can’t indulge his habit of becoming perpetually wasted. He is a Burroughs cut out (that scene should play) — his ex obviously becomes one of first wave junkies, pills too but also some kind of punk sex performer. That will be his connection to the underground that comes up as he chases untold stories for Right On where we Left Off a newer, smaller version of Rolling Stone and perhaps more political with some opp for deepthroat type access/story.


Specifically, the American supercomputer has detected a Russian counterpart, a CCCP supercomputer named Guardian.

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