Dear “Dairy” (nod to comedy schtick)


daily scrub
I don’t know what this is but it seems urban form here

Seeing if this works. I wanted to upload (or sideload, as it occurred, visually, to me) a photograph and half-write with it about how I am feeling on the other side of what could be categorized as a mild case of the 19th nervocie

Pearlene is a great find ‘watch the way they approach you with caution / they’ve done some talking on their own’

I felt weird, I felt like I was connected with people more than I should be given my state of mind (a bear who didn’t get to hibernate this winter–so therefore in desperate need of resting and not going out of the cave. Eletro Astro Creep Head.

Still gotta work out the feng shui and the side-bending of photos.

White Zombie changing my ability to type.

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