The Eighth. It’s warmer today. McCarron is a pretty good QB for that Alabama team. He has one more year to play, 3 championships, 2 in a row. Where do you go from there?

So far, the drive 2 blocks home, uneventful. The coffee maker decided not to work today, I wonder why that is. Walk in to a plugged funnel system, the top overflowing, grounds everywhere they shouldn’t be. That’s an annoying disruption to the chi of the morning, despite the glorious sunrise here.

On the news, there is a petition to deport a British ‘host’ which is kind of interesting, that there would be enough people who hate that guy to sign a petition. There are a lot of Cadillac ads these days, I wonder what’s up with that. I need to take a shower. It’s cold in my room. There appears to be no consistent way to regulate the heat on this end of the ‘house.’ It’s supposed to be warmer today. That’s the morning update. Purposefully mundane. It’s called discipline. I suppose.

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