circa 70s, show 1, pitch to Showtime

Open 11:59 to 12:00 on one of those flip number clocks that were in back then (white case, Radio Shack; black plate with white Wheel of Fortune numbers), one with music, and what was the most classic hit of 1970. Maybe a visual from the first sunrise. Homage to 1969, how to handle the bundle.

He’s in bed, Brad Conner, at his mother’s apartment in Manhattan about to return to his last semester at one of those New England snob schools. He would graduate in about 5 months, he was ahead, taking 3 classes only with his favorite professors, one of whom he was sleeping with, the creative writing completion teacher, of course.

We follow the close-out of his last semester, writing for the Master Daily highly acclaimed school paper. He does his first expose. The fledgling pop culture magazine named after an old blues song or a band or a Bob Dylan prophecy springs up down the street from his mother’s lower west side pop art palace. His mother was connected to the New York cultural elite. That helped. However.

His sister had falled Edie Sedgwick-style into disarray and only kept in touch with their ne’er-do-well British rock star session man and her fate was undecided. He rolls over.

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