Adelaide Screenwriter: Ten lessons from Terry Gilliam

Adelaide Screenwriter: Ten lessons from Terry Gilliam.     5. All you’ve really got in life is story. I think the important thing is stay true to what you believe. I mean it’s much more important to make your mistakes than somebody else’s mistakes. Like too many other filmmakers have compromised because somebody advised themContinue reading “Adelaide Screenwriter: Ten lessons from Terry Gilliam”

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By K.J. Kwon and Jethro Mullen, CNN SEOUL, South Korea (CNN) — In its latest bout of saber-rattling, North Korea on Friday warned of the possibility of “strong physical counter-measures” against South Korea in relation to tougher sanctions imposed this week by the United Nations. The threat against South Korea…

Who knew?

Revised: 20, 638 people saw “Everything else can be out of focus…” which is, again, poetically appropriate to my life. Thanks Terry Gilliam via Adelaide Screenwriter; there was tons of good advice here.   …that 2,002 people (more than many of the other posts on my FB ‘page’) would see my little half-haiku that isContinue reading “Who knew?”

The Crossroads

“…prominent voices on the intersection of free speech and the Web.” I think I hear you say you think I said something I never said much less thought nice try too bad so sad not mad at all can’t be too numb after all these years

validation of a parallel universe…

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aunt bea said i’m beginning to see how people might infer there’s a parallel universe if you analyze the past current events and the dire predictions for the future you can’t help but uncover violent patterns of animal behavior men moving from stones to drones can only be…

“Well, I heard some people talking just the other day…

…and they said you were gonna put me on a shelf.” – The Eagles, “Already Gone” Tableau seven: The letter – Raoul again – the Champs Élysées Tableau eight: Afternoons – money – wash-basins – pleasure – hotels Tableau nine: A young man – Nana wonders if she’s happy

circa 70s, show 1, pitch to Showtime

Open 11:59 to 12:00 on one of those flip number clocks that were in back then (white case, Radio Shack; black plate with white Wheel of Fortune numbers), one with music, and what was the most classic hit of 1970. Maybe a visual from the first sunrise. Homage to 1969, how to handle the bundle.Continue reading “circa 70s, show 1, pitch to Showtime”