The Business Case for Irrelevance

The Business Case for Irrelevance.



A call for more irrelevance 

My life as I know it has been created by “irrelevant” events.

  • When my parents bought me my first home computer, it was irrelevant to my existing hobbies.
  • When I took a job in advertising, it was irrelevant to the degree I’d actually obtained.
  • And spending a year in Paris studying French was irrelevant to everything that happened before and since, but no less influential.

If I’d stuck with what was relevant, I’d still be playing with a Fisher Price telephone.

Irrelevance powers professional performance

Professionally, some irrelevance is crucial to our performance. A breakthrough approach to, say, social marketing will not come from searching in the same places as everyone else. And yet, our focus is usually on relevance, right?

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