The Business Case for Irrelevance

The Business Case for Irrelevance.     A call for more irrelevance  My life as I know it has been created by “irrelevant” events. When my parents bought me my first home computer, it was irrelevant to my existing hobbies. When I took a job in advertising, it was irrelevant to the degree I’d actuallyContinue reading “The Business Case for Irrelevance”

for scene in feature: work

No Country for Old Men meets Forgiven meets bikers east of LA, south of hell. GO: Methanol can be a byproduct of the alcohol production process, for example it’s the reason why making and selling moonshine in illegal. Methanol poisoning, even small amounts, can cause blindness and even death. A 2002 report tells the story of aContinue reading “for scene in feature: work”

This is important information

Want to Orgasm? Get Your Head in the Game Your sky-high electric bill, that big meeting at work, last night’s episode of The Kardashians — are you constantly thinking about everything but sex when you’re having sex? Join the club — research reported in the journal Sexologies points out that many women have difficulty reachingContinue reading “This is important information”