cubism, hurricane sandy & scree: Reframing Perspective.


I don’t want to offend, but really mean banner FUCKING day (of course, waiting for the other shoe to drop, just like the song). Dire Wolf comes to mind, a sad Jerry song, for a water-logged day that started with heavenly-light clouds — as if god had broken the sky open for a moment to look down before going back to being a moody fucking bastard pissed off at earth for some reason or another.

Velvet Underground. Fitting. Serenade THinking of hitting up script blog to plot out my 3 storylines.


I wish i was a comic book maker, a radio dj/music producer/occasional drummer or bass player and piano player


more nimble and fit

able to help others

without worrying that i first

have enough


that was today

and i forgot to mention the intv that stopped

me at



my favorite novelist

his desperately sexy


the writer painter


listening to pure





perhaps it’s the scorpio moon

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