A work in progress

The "Me" Decade

ok let’s get serious if not now then when

where have I heard that before

some bad movie quote generator in the form of a boyfriend who has no original thoughts of his own

She leaves a smallish but not hick-ville town because of a dark secret we never reveal but hint at — the usual, some sexual favor has been exchanged for loss of innocence, she moves to the dragon’s lair right when her body emerges and her mind submerges–shots of dreams underwater, memories flash in polaroid sequence, using every possible camera to chronicle the years.

  1. She is both looking for something and
  2. Not really looking for anything
  3. More than a way to
  4. Make a living which
  5. Very quickly (although timetables are relative &
  6. Subjective, no doubt that can be argued)
  7. Becomes she just wants to get by
  8. Goals lowered like tent poles
  9. Letters not opened
  10. Shame grows, without…

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