What’s left (over)?

And what’s left, after everything has been seen, heard, digested, regurgitated?

What stories (other that absolutism, the aesthetic of  imperfect EGO, the harrowing real life account of something remembered as 1st imagined in somebody else’s dream) are available when you punch the clock?

A pre-paid Wordsworthian sphere of time and space where Neptune collides with and refashions Tritan. The angry as shucks ruler of our aquatic space, completely devouring and spewing out into particles of newly minted matter what was formerly Tritan’s little moon, following its shadow in a virtual cloud chariot, a la matrix spx with actual — je ne sais crois

that, my dear, has become the problem

I don’t even know how to punctuate this,

having forgotten in the Faulkner-esque stream

of consciousness embrace

whether I was asking a question or slamming something down your throat.

 the brand of you


in that tattoo

brand new party dress

cough you got


The 14-year old was vehement that the Russian mafia was worse than the Mexican mafia. I’ve heard the opinion that the Japanese Yakuza is second,  but it’s always unclear as to whom. The # 3 is up for grabs, depends on whether you go over-all-time or recent history of atrocities: China, gov’ts murdering their cititzens right now, Pol Pot of Cambodia, Stalin of the former USSR, and of course Hitler. Take your pick. They all deserve to be called out, cited by history. 

Basically, they serve the urge to destroy. I’m a creative person and I oppose that message. but I realize that darkness needs light so I am willing to sign up for another year on the struggle.


not sure where or when this was taken

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