REvisited for re-envisioning

This IS the beginning of a series of re-posts [and regurgitations] whereby I invite editor-type suggestions for improvements, and offer ‘automatic writing.’

ultimately, i am trying to write and re-write and get “Reading the Water” together–but that is taking years. So until then:

Thoughts on a hostile evening

Hostile towards benign happiness, the Rutherford Rothchilds, nefarious Others, delirious dilettantes within the frozen shell-shocked sanctity mirrored only by false-hearted antiquity

The narrative, ongoing:
Venus & Mercury are still lovers; Jupiter carries a mistress almost the size of this earth, a polygamous arrangement; that asteroid belt forming ring around the rosies, a gated community that downgraded Pluto, segregated
Mercury-Venus-earth & mars;
Then, placed a
Chastity Belt
between us-
Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune & the planet-formerly-known-as-Pluto, reclassified due to an oval orbit combined with the perhaps less powerful ingredients of
ice & rock snowball [habeous writ] whereas all others from said planetary plane share common goals & thusly, properties–made of metal, dirt, flowing water (they say only in the summer on Mars) or raining a sulphuric acid mist on one side, then across the great divide, gaseous anomalies who body block asteroids the size of Europe, on the other side of farthest away.
Our telescopes are now
reading the Suns, to detect what’s revolving around that fiery ball–as if they have a choice.

So be my Jupiter has been expressed and I would like to explore what that means to any guest bloggers, writers, wanderers, thoughts on interpreting life as it goes along…invited, please.

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