Daily Night for Day Haiku Transition

Guilty Pleasures 101 (summer school literary catch-up class, beach week reading either Lolita or Forever by Judy Bloom. Or, in my case, Woody Allen movies and suscriptions to Vogue and Rolling Stone, when Gia was on the cover and Keith was in the ‘trades’ for that gun shot in the Plaza Hotel)–for a class of adolescents: Pop Culture, History, Literature. Read Lord of the Flies and Holdfield Caulfield. Watch Ring trilogy. Read Odyssey, excerpts. And watch that Romantic Italian version of Romeo & Juliet, write a paper comparing that to Kurt & Courtney.

Now let’s turn to the lyrical (poems by Donne, Baudelaire, Dickinson, Plath, Bukowski + write a few; rap ok no music); then write song lyrics corresponding to classics of your parents’ generation (with their help)–music videos accepted as portfolio section as is graphic novel or dj presentation (performance selling your generation’s message–whether it’s just ‘this is what we’re not’ we don’t know what we are yet, but there’s this ongoing time pressure humans face in their consciousness that wild animals don’t seem to allow in–they are in the sunrise to sunset, the play of the grass, the movement of predator, the slip ups from prey.

We have that stewardship line that came up from some big voice we felt compelled to story-ize, meaning it was important enough to pass own in code, that’s what story is, first to protect innocence and feed the strongest go-tos first (like watch your head, look around, don’t choke on things, or put screws up your nose — true story, under 5 years old, I’m sure there’s a synapse that explains the need to screw something on better.)

And so, this transition is an attempt to hold to my writing for the day, a sharpness of words, not necessarily George’s rule of: Never use a long word where a short one will do. – George Orwell

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