When Darkness Becomes Visible



That was yesterday:

Stand back to re-evaluate your long-term goals, especially if you feel pressured to take a specific action today. Instead of being coerced into a bad decision, it’s time to withdraw so you can maintain your position. You recently learned an important lesson and now you can teach others how to achieve success. Integrate your feelings into your social interactions by sharing what’s in your heart. Don’t miss this opportunity to let down your guard and open up to someone you trust.


And this is today:

It’s easy to get distracted with someone’s big plans today, yet you aren’t sure that it’s such a good idea. Fortunately, you don’t have to jump on board; all you need to do now is be a good listener. You are like a sounding board; allowing your friends to share their ideas without the need to defend their positions enables them to take a radical new strategy to the next level.

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